The Little Details Checklist

K.M. Allan

There’s so much to keep on top of when writing a book that it’s easy to forget the little details, like what your characters are wearing or what movie they saw on the first date with their love interest.

While you might think such things aren’t super special to know, or that you wouldn’t let them slip past you, it’s the little details that fill in your book world. Keeping track of them is important, especially when you’re on draft eleventy and have read the story so many times that everything has blurred together.

Luckily, there is a way you can make sure you don’t leave out the little-yet-important details, and it’s with the help of this checklist!

The Little Details Checklist

To get the full benefit of this checklist, your manuscript should be at the final draft or close to it. Have it in front of you, either…

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