Elements of Setting: Atmosphere

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Ciao, SEers! Today, we’re moving on in the setting series. We’ve already discussed time and locale. Today, we’re going to discuss what’s probably my favorite element: atmosphere.

Another way to think of it is “mood.” What can you include in your story that will impact the emotions the character feels? (And, consequently, what the reader feels.)

Common Attributions

I really wanted to call this symbolism, but I didn’t want to confuse anyone. Yes, if there’s a dove in your setting, you could be trying to represent peace. But that’s not (exactly) what I mean. There are places in this world that (whether it was a conscious marketing ploy or an accident of nature) we tend to associate with particular emotions. Paris is considered (by most) to be the city of love. That doesn’t mean it’s the only romantic city in the world. But if you set your story in…

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