15 Types of Short Poetic Forms With Examples – by Centfie…

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Intro to Short Poetic Forms

Short poetic forms are fun.

This article will outline 15 short poetic forms and examples from classical poets. I’ve also squeezed in a few of my poems.

You will find prompts after each poem to give you writing ideas. You may interchange the prompt for any other type of short poem.

The following list is made up of poems normally confined to less than 50 lines. Thus, you can read them within seconds or a few minutes. A long poem’s stanzas can consist of several short poems. For instance, a long poem made up of several tankas or haikus.

  1. Acrostic
  2. Rispetto
  3. Cinquain
  4. Haiku
  5. Horatian Ode
  6. Limerick
  7. Naani
  8. Nonet
  9. Ottava Rima
  10. Pantoum
  11. Sonnet
  12. Spenserian
  13. Tanka
  14. Triolet
  15. Villanelle

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