How To Create Page-Turning Chapter Endings

K.M. Allan

Every writer knows they need to nail the ending of their book to give readers the satisfaction they deserve, but what about the endings of your chapters?

If you’ve put little thought into how you’re finishing your chapters, then you’re missing out on a key component of what makes a good book great! After all, what kind of writer doesn’t want readers to say they couldn’t put their novel down?

A chapter ending that keeps readers turning pages can easily be achieved by making the most of some simple writing tricks. If that sounds like something you’d like to do, here are some ideas!

How To Create Page-Turning Chapter Endings

Create Conflict

Conflict is at the heart of every story. Even emotionally uplifting stories need a little to hold the reader’s interest, and when is the best time to grab some of that? The end of a chapter, of…

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