7 Tips to Creating Monsters

Legends of Windemere

Young Frankenstein

Let’s be clear.  There really aren’t many solid rules to monster making.  At least when it comes to fiction.  In reality, you have to struggle with the ethics of creating a monster and hope it doesn’t kill you when it escapes.  Anyway, let’s dive into some general advice that can help you along.

  1. Have a reason for this creature existing.  Not just in terms of story, but of the world in general.  Monsters are basically the animals of another world.  Just like on Earth, they will have some kind of niche.  Maybe they’re an apex predator or they keep another creature’s population in check.  It doesn’t have to be that scientific, but figuring out their role can guide you in designing their abilities.
  2. Be careful altering established monsters.  You do have some leeway, but you have to retain some aspects of the original.  Otherwise, you’re slapping a known…

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