A Copy-editing Checklist for Novelists – by Dana Isaacson…

on Career Authors:

Even if your book’s ideas are brilliant, its presentation must be up to par as well. Demonstrate your professionalism, clean up your act, and dress your manuscript to impress.

Don’t be clever or cutesy. Take every opportunity to signal to your readers that they are in capable hands. Win their loyalty by being as clear and straightforward as possible in your story’s presentation.

This quick copy-editing checklist includes issues big and small that regularly bedevil writers. Take a look and ensure your book is in optimal shape.

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2 thoughts on “A Copy-editing Checklist for Novelists – by Dana Isaacson…

  1. Some of this article seems eminently sensible but at other times it seems silly. I followed many of the rules stated when I worked as a “factory” author, but these rules do not necessarily apply to independent or otherwise published authors. “The name you use at the beginning must continue” Well that old “Lord of the Rings” thing is never going to sell “Game of Thrones” never had a chance, too many names. James Bond? Who has ever heard of him or 007? No wonder Stephen King, Thomas Harris and Dan Brown have hardly sold a book. Oh, that’s right we are probably talking of some of the biggest selling writers of all time. I wonder if they know they all got it wrong?

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