Breaking the Rules on POV – by Allison Brennan…

on Career Authors:

Point-of-view is how you tell your story — through whose eyes we are seeing and living the fictional world you create. The key point here: this is the world you create.

YA author Lauren Oliver said, “That is the strangest thing about the world: how it looks so different from every point of view.”

And that, in a nutshell, is what makes being a writer so damn fun. You can see the world through different eyes — the eyes of your characters. It’s also what makes POV so important: the story changes based on each POV’s subjective view.

You’ll hear a lot of advice about POV. For new authors, strict rules can be beneficial—until you find your writing chops. Sometimes rules are stifling. I am not a POV purist.

So, what are these so-called rules?

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8 thoughts on “Breaking the Rules on POV – by Allison Brennan…

  1. Thanks Chris for sharing Allison’s article. Having been part of a group who have written and published four novellas varying POV has added a great dimension. In one novella, a fractured fairytale each writer decided on a POV for their chapters – the house, the wolf, grandfather clock, and so on. For me, in one of my chapters I wrote on the fabric’s POV, which was so much fun.

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