Beware When You Order Proof And Author Copies On KDP – by Derek Haines…

on Just Publishing Advice:

When you self-publish a new book on Amazon, you can order proof and author copies on KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing).

Proof copies are essential to check your new print-on-demand paperback or hardcover book before publishing. But author copies are optional.

However, if you want copies of your book to sign, use at book fairs, or sell locally, you will need to order author copies.

But beware because while the printing cost per copy is usually reasonable, shipping and delivery fees and taxes can be very high.

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4 thoughts on “Beware When You Order Proof And Author Copies On KDP – by Derek Haines…

  1. I’m surprised by the number of authors surprised they had to pay for their proof copies. Always good to keep this in mind. Thanks for the reminder. Now, I can direct some of these folks to your blog so they understand the process.


  2. True. The cost of shipping on my proof copies adds up to more than buying as an Amazon customer — at least it does since I have a Prime membership, so I get shipping free.
    Plus that way it counts towards sales, whereas proof copies do not.
    Have a good week, Chris. Hugs

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