Heroes and Villains part 1 – One Coin, Two Sides #amwriting

Life in the Realm of Fantasy

You have a hero.

You have a villain.

WritingCraftSeries_character-arcYou’ve taken them through two revisions and think these characters are awesome, perfectly drawn as you intend. The overall theme of the narrative supports the plot arc, and the events are timed perfectly, so the pacing is good.

But then you discover that, while the story is engaging, your beta readers aren’t as impressed with the characters as you are.

This has been my problem in the past, and at this stage, I go to my writing group. Someone in that wonderful circle of friends will offer an opinion as to why the characters aren’t as strongly defined as I need them to be.

The problem is, it may take several drafts before my characters translate to paper the way I envision them. When creating their personnel file, I now try to give each character, hero, villain, or sidekick a theme, a…

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2 thoughts on “Heroes and Villains part 1 – One Coin, Two Sides #amwriting

  1. Mmm… theme. I find the quickest way to really define a character is to know what pet they’d have if they had one. It only needs to be fixed in your head. If you know your hero would have a dobermann, and your villain a bearded lizard…. well. take it from there!

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