Structuring Your Relationship Plotline, Part 2: Key Beats – by September Fawkes…

Beat sheets are valuable tools for structuring and writing a story. They can be just as valuable when structuring and writing a relationship arc. In reality, I could write up a beat sheet for each relationship arc. Today, I’ve decided to go over the key beats, in the order they most frequently appear (which usually applies to positive change relationships).

In my previous article, I laid out a foundational approach to structuring your relationship plotlines. That will likely be more useful to you in structuring your relationship arc, than following these beats in the presented order. Once you understand the foundational principles, you can successfully manipulate any beat sheet to suit what you are writing. This is why I titled this post “key beats” and not “beat sheet.” There are plenty of relationship plotlines that don’t adhere to these exact beats or this exact order.

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