New Year, New Writing Habits

K.M. Allan

Welcome to a new year! By now, we’re over a full week in, which means you’ve either already failed your new year resolutions, are back to the tried and true rational of “I’ll start tomorrow, next Monday/week/month…” or you’ve managed 9 days fulfilling every new habit that you’ve set!

It’s human nature to grow, improve, and try new things. The allure of a new year with a clean slate is always the perfect time to do that. After all, a new year is full of possibilities that haven’t been marred with disappointment… just yet.

As a writer, a new year often brings new projects. The chance to start a new manuscript, or to finish one you’ve been working on for years. “This is it!” you’ve been telling yourself. “This is the year I will finally finish/submit/publish/snag that agent/achieve that lifelong dream!”

Such lofty goals should be set and aimed…

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