6 Inspiring Writing Tips From Professional Authors – by Ruth Harris…

on Anne R Allen:

I’ve known and worked with a lot of writers over the years (decades). Some work first thing in the AM, others in the PM, some don’t get started until near midnight. Some write sober, some don’t. Others write on a computer, or on legal pads, and these days some write on tablets. Some edit as they go along, perfecting each sentence before going on to the next. Some keep strict, almost corporate office hours, some write irregularly but in hot rushes of productivity.

Others write a first draft as fast as they can, then go back to edit and revise. Some outline in detail; some prepare elaborate storyboards, others work from a jotted list of scribbled notes; still others let the characters do the work. Others brainstorm the plot with a trusted friend, spouse or editor. Some work with a crit partner getting comments and guidance along the way; others won’t let anyone see their work until it’s finished. Bottom line, there’s no ONE way to get the job done.

No matter where, when or how writers write, though, professional writers do the following:

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4 thoughts on “6 Inspiring Writing Tips From Professional Authors – by Ruth Harris…

  1. The advice about editing oneself resonated with me. As I write more, I get better about detecting the flaws and errors. I’ve gotten to really know myself when I’m writing, and that has been valuable. Thanks for the post.

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