How Writing Your Synopsis Can Fix Your Book – by Allison K Williams…

on Jane Friedman site:

Writers often dread writing a synopsis. After carefully composing scenes, fleshing out characters and establishing relationships, now we’re supposed to summarize the whole thing in under two pages? Plus, the stakes feel high. If a literary agent doesn’t love the synopsis, will your book ever reach publication?

But writing a synopsis should be done long before you’re ready to query agents. More than just a tool to sell your book, your synopsis is a roadmap to the next, stronger draft. After reaching the end of your manuscript for the first time—whether the process took 30 days of NaNoWriMo or several years of your life—sit down and write a synopsis.

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9 thoughts on “How Writing Your Synopsis Can Fix Your Book – by Allison K Williams…

  1. I had my first agent when I was nineteen and so have never tried to reach one. I feel odd responding to this. But I had to. Way back in the day, writing my first or second novel (I cannot recall clearly) I was posted for a television interview. “Horror writers discuss the nature of the genre” Channel Four UK.
    So, there was me in a circle over a table with Clive Barker, Rodger McCalmon and Glenn Chandler (all better writers, more experienced, and more imaginative) drinking (though I stayed sober for a change) But I had for the very first time prepared a synopsis as I knew those more talented writers would rip me and my two silly novels apart. Sober to their inebriation, I held my own. Lol I was only there because Ian Rankin was not feeling well. Anyway, the moral of the story simply is…. Writing a synopsis is a good thing for even more reasons than Jane mentions.

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