Jigsaw Wizard: Dealing with Multiple Drafts During Revisions – By Janice Hardy…

on Fiction University:

During a revision, trying to piece together all the best parts of your novel and still make the story feel cohesive can be a challenge.

Some novels are really hard to revise. The story goes through multiple drafts and there are strong scenes in each one—but no one draft that works on its own. The only way to save the story and craft the novel you know you have in there somewhere, is to pick the best scenes and smoosh it all together.

Which can be good, or lead to a Frankendraft.

Don’t fret though—you can turn all those drafts into a novel worth reading. It just takes a little more work and a lot more focus.

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3 thoughts on “Jigsaw Wizard: Dealing with Multiple Drafts During Revisions – By Janice Hardy…

  1. Seriously though I have done this, created a Franken draft and as you say it can be incredibly difficult to make it smooth once more. “smooth” I thought So put some Barry White and Donald Fagin onto my playlist. There is little smoother. But that did not seem to help. So, I had to settle for line-by-line editing…… I hate that. It should have been smoootheee.

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