The Writer’s Tactical Plan – by C,S. Lakin…

on Live Write Thrive:

For this last week of 2022, I’m wrapping up the month long look at strategic planning for writers. I’ve been going over the four basic elements writers need to consider to put together a real plan that is practical, efficient, and useful. These four elements are vision, strategy, tactics, and action.

I’ve covered the first two a bit and discussed how to come up with milestones to place along your journey to reach your vision.

Now we’re going to look at tactics and action.

My hope is that by going over these posts and writing out your strategy, you’ll get a clear vision for what you’d like your writing career to look like by the end of next year, as well as what you’d like to accomplish.

By breaking down your dream into bite-sized pieces, you can really manage it!

I mentioned your goals comprise three types of things: things you want to have, things you want to do, and things you want to be. I encouraged you to brainstorm a bit and write down some ideas that address these dreams for your writing career.

I hope you’ve written down your vision statement by filling in the blanks I provided (don’t forget to get the ebook that has all these posts included), and by creating your own sentences. Then you set milestones you know you need to reach in order to get “there.”

Putting Your Tactical Plan in Place


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