How to (Maybe) Get Out of Your Contract When Your Scam Re-Publisher Ghosts You – by Victoria Strauss…

on Writer Beware:

Last year, I published a post about a growing problem for self-published writers who’ve bought into a “re-publishing” offer (always received out of the blue) from a company that promises it can do a better job, or provide more marketing, or facilitate a transition to traditional publishing.

Such offers can seem attractive, especially to writers trapped in the Author Solutions ecosystem, where customer service is poor, book prices are often non-competitive, and low sales and obscurity are all but assured. Often the offer is reasonably priced (as a loss leader to get writers in the door so they can be pressured to buy more expensive services), or includes tempting features like marketing campaigns or (supposed) literary representation.

Unfortunately, most of these companies are scams (see this list), and signing with them carries serious risk–from relentless upselling pressure, to substandard services, to fake trad pub or movie rights proposals involving enormous fees, to simply taking the cash and running.

There’s another danger, too, that in many ways is even more serious.

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2 thoughts on “How to (Maybe) Get Out of Your Contract When Your Scam Re-Publisher Ghosts You – by Victoria Strauss…

  1. When I first started writing, it was easy to upload a book onto Create Space. Their staff was helpful and worked with the author. You could advertise on social media and people would buy your books. These days, Indie publishing partners want 1/4 of the amount I make in a year just to edit a book. It is so hard not to become discouraged.

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