Why Prologues Get a Bad Rap – by Tiffany Yates Martin…

on Jane Friedman site:

“Always avoid prologues!”

“Agents hate prologues.”

“Readers won’t read a prologue.”

The advice in the writerly ether concerning prologues is vast and … well, not varied. Most of it revolves around telling authors simply, “Don’t.”

Yet riffle through a handful of books on the shelf at any bookstore and you’re likely to see at least a few prologues—many of them in bestselling books and classics.

So what gives? Is there a cabal of rogue prologuers defying the injunction? A secret password certain authors get that allows them to break this inviolate commandment?

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3 thoughts on “Why Prologues Get a Bad Rap – by Tiffany Yates Martin…

  1. I love a GOOD prologue – a tease, a taste of things to come. And when you come to that part in the main story where the prologues existence becomes apparent you go AAAHHHH.

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