How To Add Unpredictability To Your Story

K.M. Allan

When you think of a compelling read, the fact you couldn’t see any of the twists and turns happening is probably one reason why you couldn’t put the book down.

Unpredictability in a story is such a fun feature to come across as a reader, and something any writer will benefit from in their own work, so here’s how you can!

How To Add Unpredictability To Your Story

Double Down On The Doubt

Making your readers doubt a character’s motives, actions, or the truth in a story can make your book a page-turner. How to take it to an unpredictable level is to double down on that doubt.

As an example, imagine that you’ve hinted at the actual killer, dropped everything on the most obvious suspect, but also left some doubt about if it’s really them by focusing things on a side character too.

The reader thinks they have…

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