MKTG #21 – BookStores

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Hello, SE’ers! It’s Jan here to talk about another marketing avenue for Indie Authors. Unless you live in a tiny town, there is most likely a bookstore near you. So, I want to talk a little about how to convince them to take a chance with your books.

Image by Lubos Houska from Pixabay

There are a few things an author should consider before approaching a bookstore about carrying your book or books. That’s what I want to focus on today.

This first tip is a ‘don’t.’ Booksellers do not want to hear about your success on Amazon. Independent booksellers are in competition with Amazon, so even the mention of the giant will not be well-received. Also, it’s good to note that booksellers will not stock books published through Amazon KDP.

Before a bookseller will consider putting your book in their store, your book must have a valid…

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