Why is Amazon HIDING books from readers?

MORE Amazon shenanigans to be aware of 😱

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I’ve been buying books from Amazon since the days when the company didn’t make a profit, and the pundits thought that Jeff Bezos was mad. That’s a long time and an awful lot of books. Yet suddenly I can’t be trusted to choose books for myself????

For those who do not yet know, Amazon has a new ‘feature’ whereby an algorithm decides which books you should see when you go to an author’s ‘Author Page’. The ‘feature’ is called Top Picks and:

‘…allows Amazon customers to see personalized recommendations from your catalog of books. Customers will see this on your Author Page and it will suggest books based on these traits:

• New releases and pre-order books matching their interest.
• Unread books from a series they started.
• The customer’s reading and purchase history.

The goal is to help them find more books they want to read from you…

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3 thoughts on “Why is Amazon HIDING books from readers?

  1. As authors, Amazon has not been our friend for a long time. Yet so many authors still choose to go Amazon-exclusive. I firmly believe it is valuable to seek out and try to work with other booksellers.

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  2. Disturbing, isn’t it?
    Noticed this summer – they have some interesting human “advisors” who are making “recommendations” for their children’s literature collections/monthly subscriptions/product list placements…some have little or no experience with books or children.
    Tired of being herded and not heard?

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