Writing that First Draft

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Greetings, Storytellers. Diana here with NaNoWriMo looming on the horizon. Whether you’re participating in the writing marathon or not, I thought I’d give you a bit of a pep talk about writing first drafts. Gather around, and I’ll try not to scare you!

Just imagine…

Your fingertips rest on the keyboard. Your creative vision has taken shape: an outline, a storyboard, scribbles on a notepad, or a series of scenes thumping around inside your head.

The terrain of a new world sprawls before you, rife with civilization. Characters chatter, love, and battle. They vie for your attention, eager to tell their stories and shape their lives. That first draft is a molten caldron of mystery, uncontainable, and ready to erupt. It’s a flawed, untamed, tainted, wonderful, intense piece of art.

troll enwikipediaorg3

A first draft has nothing to do with perfection.

It’s about the story. It isn’t the time to edit…

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6 thoughts on “Writing that First Draft

  1. Hemingway famously wrote in a letter to an aspiring writer, “Don’t get discouraged because there’s a lot of mechanical work to writing. There is, and you can’t get out of it. I rewrote the first part of A Farewell to Arms at least fifty times. You’ve got to work it over. The first draft of anything is shit. When you first start to write you get all the kick and the reader gets none, but after you learn to work it’s your object to convey everything to the reader so that he remembers it not as a story he had read but something that happened to himself.”

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