Meet Guest Editor and Author, Alison Williams…

Thanks so much to Chris for this opportunity to tell you about myself and my editing services.

I have been providing services for authors since 2016 and have worked on more than five hundred projects in a wide variety of genres.

I have a first degree in English Language and Literature and trained as a journalist.

I have worked as a freelance writer and have been published in print and online. I completed a master’s degree in Creative Writing with the University of Glasgow and my journey into editing began when I was asked by fellow students to edit their work.

I found that it was something I greatly enjoyed and that I have a knack for spotting issues that often writers are too close to their work to see. I have been very lucky in working with some wonderful writers, many of whom ask me to edit subsequent books. It is lovely to see how the advice I give them shapes their later writing, and to see their writing craft go from strength to strength. It is always the biggest compliment when authors get in touch because I have been recommended by other authors.

The publishing world is changing all the time. It is becoming harder and harder to break into the world of traditional publishing. A polished manuscript is an essential when approaching agents. And if, as many authors have done, you decide to pursue your own writing journey through self-publishing, then it is even more essential to make sure that the work you put out there is the best it can possibly be.

Authors put their hearts and souls into their work, but the truth is that they often don’t see the mistakes they make because they are so familiar with the words they have written, the story that is in their head.

A good editor can be a fresh pair of eyes, helping you to hone your manuscript, giving advice in an unbiased and supportive way.

And I won’t try to alter your voice, or write your book – you are free to make the changes I suggest or ignore them. It is your book, your story, not mine.

My aim is to help you make that story the best it can be.

You can find details of the editing services I provide here.

Outside of editing, reading, and writing, I spend my time looking after our four dogs (three are rescued Galgos from Spain – a bit of an obsession of mine), our elderly cat and six rescued chickens. I am a bit of a film buff (I particularly enjoy creepy horror films and anything directed by Nicholas Winding Refn, David Lynch or Wes Anderson if I’m feeling a bit more cheerful!). I am a big David Bowie fan. I also love The Smiths, although these days much prefer Johnny Marr to Morrisey! My favourite authors are the Brontës and Hilary Mantel. I have recently taken up knitting – which I am actually quite terrible at.

Testimonials from clients:

I am dyslexic and although an established writer of poetry, short stories and works for the stage I never imagined I would be able to write a novel – too many words and nasty things like commas and paragraphs. Alison not only managed to help me put those things in the right places but also provided informed, experienced and qualified editorial guidance for my first book, then my second book and then my third. She managed all of this in a way that was accessible, understandable and protected my ego. Writing these books has been one of the best experiences of my life and Alison has made an invaluable contribution to that experience.

Rachel McJury, Author: The Raven Trilogy

I can’t praise Alison enough. She is extremely helpful and her editing skills are brilliant. Alison’s suggestions are all relevant and positive. Highly recommended.

Martin Heseltine, Author: Journey Into Darkness

Thank you, Alison, for your incredibly detailed critique of my original non-fiction manuscript. The help and support provided by you was invaluable in improving my book dramatically in ways that I couldn’t have done on my own. You have carried out accurate and insightful editing with exceptional attention to detail, and managed to weed out any superfluous information, which made my book more user friendly. I also appreciate your professional approach and highly recommend your services.

Steph Adam, Author: The Dream Interpreters

Find out more about me and my editing services here:

Alison Williams Writing



14 thoughts on “Meet Guest Editor and Author, Alison Williams…

  1. Tis’ nice to see someone that studied at Glasgow University doing well. I went there myself after Napier Uni, Edinburgh. Though Glasgow Uni, best known for medicine, is a harder tutorial regime, than many others, they work other interests well. I also did Creative writing/ English lit, Minor, and major. Congratulations on your success Alison and may your wisdom and craft grow ever stronger. More power to your bow.

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