Goodies in Your Kindle App #kindlereading

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Hi, SEers! Thanks for joining me for another Mae Day on Story Empire.

I think most of us have a Kindle, so I’d like to take a closer look in the Kindle App. I was surprised how many goodies are available when you start poking around.

To get started, open the app on your phone. Go on now… I’ll wait. 🙂

Got it? Good. One of the first things you’ll notice—smack in the middle of your screen—is your reading streak. This shows weeks in a row and days in a row. Scroll to the right and you’ll see the days displayed on a calendar.

graphic showing number of days and days in a row read, also calendar with streak of days read

Scroll down and you’ll see more selections:

Based on your reading
Continue reading in a series you’ve started
Upcoming releases for you
Last chance books in Prime reading
Kindle books by authors you follow
Quick Reads
Recommended reading and more

Pretty cool, right?

Wait, it gets…

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