How Drafting Longhand Can Enhance Your Writing

Great advice from, Stuart 😃

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You know how you try clothes on before deciding what to wear on a date? Do you iron those clothes before holding them in the mirror? I hope not, because that’ll be like undoing your pants to fart.

Yet that’s how most writers tend to approach the first draft. They iron their clothes, spritz on a bit of perfume, and have their makeup ready—all before knowing what they’re going to wear.

So today we’re going to talk first drafts. But we’re not going to talk just any first draft. We’re going to check out the benefits of drafting longhand.

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2 thoughts on “How Drafting Longhand Can Enhance Your Writing

  1. I write longhand, then type when I’ve written a decent chunk of text. This gives me a chance to re-read what I’ve written, make sure my phrases flow, and notice if I’m overusing individual word. As a result, my finished first drafts typically need more proofreading that major editing.

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