Creativity: Avoiding Blocks and Refreshing Ideas – by Christina Delay…

on Jami Gold:

At some point in our writing career, we’re likely to experience times when our creative well runs dry. Sometimes our “failure of creativity” might occur as common writer’s block, and other times we might struggle on a more fundamental level, such as overwhelming burnout.

Whatever our circumstances, problems with creativity can manifest in multiple ways. We might want to push forward but lack the ideas for how to work through the obstacles. We might find it difficult to see what to work toward at all. We might be pulled in so many directions that we can’t wrangle our ideas into a coherent plan. And so on.

As we’re often not even sure where our creativity comes from, it can be difficult to regain that creative feeling when we struggle. For many of us, our ideas seem to just “come to us” out of the blue, so we might feel like a failure—or like we’re no longer a writer at all—if our creative ideas stall. But this situation happens to even the best writers, so let’s talk about what we can do if (when?) we encounter the problem.

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