Teaser Tuesdays: Should I Include Destiny?

Legends of Windemere

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A favorite topic of mine.  For those who have followed the blog since the Legends of Windemere era, you knew it would have to be in there.  A reminder that this is only part of the entry.  Enjoy.

Should I Include Destiny?

Very few tropes are as common in fantasy as the destined heroes. This motivation has existed since the days of mythology and continues to be used today. Authors find twists and variations on the concept of destiny and fate, but it tends to boil down to the same thing. The hero is on a path that was chosen for them by a greater power, which brings up the question of if they are in control of any of their actions. Needless to say, readers and authors have railed against the concept. Does that mean it should be shunned and ignored? I’d be a hypocrite if…

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