Blogging Tricks For Keeping On Top Of Your Content

Great advice from, Kate 👍😃

K.M. Allan

The key to a successful blog is well-written content that’s posted regularly.

For some bloggers, that means a post every day. For others, it’s once a week or every other week. That’s a decent amount of content to create and oversee from an idea, to the first draft, and to a published post, year after year.

With a workload like that, amongst other creative endeavors and responsibilities, you’ll want to keep on top of your content with as much ease as possible. And that is where the following tricks will come in handy!

Blogging Tricks For Keeping On Top Of Your Content

Work Ahead Regularly

If you’re able to make the time to draft one blog post, why not try two? They both don’t need to be completed in one session, but if you get one completely written and another half-written or outlined then you’re already at an advantage…

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6 thoughts on “Blogging Tricks For Keeping On Top Of Your Content

  1. Love it! Nothing like getting slapped in the face with good, sound advice. I’ve let my schedule slack, thus I’m paying for it. Your timing in posting is perfect! I’m taking Karen’s advice and putting back into my calendar a weekly “draft blogs” date with myself.

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