Teaser Tuesday: Do I Hide My Quirks?

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This part comes from the ‘Author Section’.  Many times, we try to hide who we really are and put on a mask as an author.  Makes sense, especially if we want to separate it from the other parts of our life.  Though, it can be exhausting and some quirks may turn up.  This touches on that urge to either hide or reveal your true self.  Enjoy.

Do I Hide My Quirks?

Much like revealing your inspiration, you will find that you have to put yourself in the spotlight at times. The days of the secretive author churning out books without having to leave their house are long gone. At least for new authors, because you can do that once you become rich and famous. They call you eccentric instead of anti-social at that point. Some might find this part of the path fairly harrowing since you don’t…

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