Teaser Tuesday: Do I Need Supporting Characters?

Here‚Äôs another Do I Need to Use a Dragon? (Fantasy Writing Tips) tease from Charles ūüĎć

Legends of Windemere

Yahoo Image Search

Welcome back.  I was surprised to find that this was a question.  So, I had to touch on it and explain supporting characters.  Enjoy.

Do I Need Supporting Characters?

A story can be made or broken by the supporting characters who range from traveling companions to minor villains. Of course, you can have your hero go it alone and have a focus on how someone will carry on when isolated. This is more difficult than one would think because you create a supporting cast as soon as you introduce another character. It might not even be a speaking part. That troll? Supporting character even though it’s a monster. That shop owner selling cheap swords? Supporting even though he only shows up for one scene and has a few simple lines of dialogue. This is a fairly broad definition, but these are all characters who add more color…

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