Journal Prompts for Aspiring Writers – by Melissa Donovan…

on Writing Forward:

Journal prompts are a great way to kick off a writing session when you’re feeling uninspired.

We all have days when writing ideas are nowhere to be found, but that doesn’t mean you have to go a day without writing.

In fact, on those days when my muse is being elusive, I like to either work through some writing exercises to stretch and strengthen my writing muscles–or I evaluate my writing goals.

Often, this means I spend time making notes about my writing goals to see how far I’ve come as well as where I’m going and how much work I have to do before I get there.

By looking over some of the writing I’ve done about my goals, I was able to come up with ten journal prompts, which are perfect for assessing your goals and aspirations. Do you know what kind of writer you want to be? Have you set any writing goals yet? How close are you to reaching them? What projects are you working on?

These and other questions form the basis for the following journal prompts.

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