We All Dream – Guest Post by Andrew Joyce…

Yes, we all dream. We dream of a lucrative contract with a big-five publisher. We dream of Hollywood knocking on our door, wanting to turn our book into a blockbuster movie, starring who else but Matthew McConaughey. But are you willing to put in the work, the long hours? I’m not talking about writing the damn book. That’s the easy part.

What I’m talking about is being down in the goddamn trenches; fighting it out with your inner demons. “How many times do I have go through this damn thing? I wrote it. I had friends and acquaintances look it over. I even hired an expensive editor. It’s gotta be ready to be published. It just has to be! I want to see this thing up on Amazon. I want my friends and family to be able to buy it.

Well … who cares what you want? Go and read through it again … and again. It will never be perfect. But you do want your manuscript to be as close to perfection as possible when people start shelling out their hard-earned money for your humble endeavor. You will be pleasantly surprised and thrilled how on every read-through your story gets tighter and better (which is the same thing).

Just remember. Your name is on the book—on the front cover, for God’s sake. If someone buys it and it’s less than perfect, they’ll never come back for your future endeavors. Nor should they.

I know of a woman who wrote a book and spent fifty-four years editing it. That was a bit much. She died before it was published. I also know this guy who wrote a book (his first) in two months and it got picked up by a mainstream publisher. The author and three editors (line, copy, etc.) then took seven months polishing it. The book won numerous awards … but alas … no movie with Matthew.

One can’t win ’em all.

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19 thoughts on “We All Dream – Guest Post by Andrew Joyce…

  1. Good to see Andrew here, Chris.
    Andrew, it’s hard work, but eventually it pays off (I hope). My book number 11 is taking much longer than the others to get through the rewrites. Maybe because I’ve learned so much more since book number 1.
    We all learn and improve with each book we write.

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