Wattpad Review: The 90 Million Member Community of Writers, Authors, and Readers – by Robyn Roste…

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If you’re looking for a writing community that’s part social media, part reading and writing, then Wattpad is the network for you.

Of the more than 90 million readers and writers using Wattpad, the majority are between 18 and 30 years old and located in the United States, Canada, or the United Kingdom. In the Philippines, Wattpad is the number one app driving physical bookselling and bestseller lists.

In this Wattpad Review, we’ll look at what it is, how to use it as a reader and writer, pricing, along with a few pros and cons.

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4 thoughts on “Wattpad Review: The 90 Million Member Community of Writers, Authors, and Readers – by Robyn Roste…

  1. Wattpad sucks. I downloaded the mobile app and had plans of publishing bonus material from my series there. It seemed pretty cool, at first. I got the impression that it was user friendly and a good way to find some hidden gems of authors, and find readers of my own and interact with them. Then I got to know it more.
    1. The subscriptions are falsely advertised at the App Store. It says it’s $5.99 for the regular subscription and $7.99 for premium plus. Then when you go to subscribe, you find out that the price gets bumped up a couple dollars. A couple dollars more is no big deal, but still that’s not cool the way it’s represented.
    2. I don’t know if this is a software incompatibility thing or a mobile thing, or maybe the mobile app isn’t compatible with voiceover technology, but MAN, is that mobile app full of glitches. The glitches make it confusing to use, if you don’t have the eyesight to see what you’re doing. For example: When I tap the button that says to scroll to the next chapter or episode or whatever, sometimes it works. Sometimes it doesn’t, and the app freezes, and the only way to get out of the book is to close the app and reboot my phone. Then there were other times when I tapped the button to scroll down and it bumped me all the way back to the prologue. This was especially annoying if I was far into the book, like on chapter 28. Sometimes I had to tap out of the book and into the table of contents to get to the next chapter.
    Sometimes the options for things like commenting on an episode or voting show up on my phone screen, and sometimes they don’t. When I tried giving an episode a vote, the thing wouldn’t let me move onto the next chapter unless I removed my vote, which really sucks. I don’t know if my voiceover is misreading something, but why the heck after each episode there are several option looking things that say, “paragraph options”? When I tapped on them, a window popped up telling me that there was a problem. Are those paragraph options things strictly something for the author to use, like if they want to re-edit a published book?
    During my One week free trial of my regular subscription, there was a glitch where when I’d try to scroll to the next chapter, or read back on some thing, an annoying, obstructive window would get in the way. The window was a pop-up encouraging–more like nagging–me to upgrade my subscription to premium plus, but this window was written in Spanish or Italian or something, which was weird and didn’t make sense. I decided to unsubscribe, because I didn’t want to pay for using an app that was definitely not $7.99 A month quality. Now that I canceled my subscription, the app is glitchyer than ever, and there’s commercials.
    3. If you use the app for free, you can’t download books into your phone to listen to off-line, even if you paid for the book, which is such bullshit.
    4. Their coin packaging system is such a gimmick. For example: If you upgrade to premium plus, you can get bonus coins when you purchase a coin package. These bonus coins supposedly allow you to get two paid stories for free. Uhm… The books there are not expensive. If you are already paying for their $9.99 overpriced premium plus subscription, you are pretty much already paying for those so-called free paid stories.
    To me, it just seems more like a gimmicked out Book store. You’re better off just going to a regular Digital bookstore where you can read books off-line without a paid subscription, and you can use the digital bookstore for free without commercial interruptions, and interact and connect with authors, readers, and agents on regular social media platforms.

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