Perspectives of Tropes

Legends of Windemere


We all know this topic since I touch on it from time to time.  For those who don’t know, tropes are things that are used very often in a genre.  They are similar to clichés, but not always seen as a negative.  Yet, the two words tend to be used interchangeably these days, which is part of the reason for the post.  Best examples are the ‘Chosen One’ and the ‘Tower Princess’.  Both are getting their own post this week.

So, where does perspective come into play?  At first, you may think I’m talking about the readers.  If a person has limited experience with a trope then it won’t appear to be stale or overdone.  Not until they run into more often.  Younger readers will find these common characters and plot twists as amazing while older ones will be annoyed.  This is one reason why many authors seek to…

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