Beware Bait and Switch Scams (targeting writers and illustrators) – by Victoria Strauss…

on Writer Beware:

There’s a scam doing the rounds right now.

(Apraxia is a neurological condition affecting, among other things, the ability to speak; it’s not really clear why the scammer makes this claim, except maybe as an excuse not to speak on the phone.)

It’s not just writers; illustrators are targets too.

If the person responds, they are sent upfront payment in the form of a check that looks genuine (I’ve redacted the name of the purported sender because it’s not clear they’re involved in the scam).

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11 thoughts on “Beware Bait and Switch Scams (targeting writers and illustrators) – by Victoria Strauss…

  1. A very similar scam is targeting folks who sell items on online sites like Craig’s List. They offer to send a “cashier’s check” but can’t pick up the merchandise for a week or two, due to business elsewhere. You are told you can go ahead & deposit the check and they’ll even include $100 extra for your inconvenience. We smelled a rat immediately when it happened to us and simply said we accept cash only, via “in person” transactions. But what happens to those who DO accept the deal is pretty much as described above. The check bounces and the purchaser eventually ends up with your banking info.

    It’s disgusting, and I can only wonder how many have fallen for these techniques. Honest people don’t always remember how many crooks are out there.

    Thanks for sharing this, Chris. I hope some folks have been saved from becoming victims.

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