7 Tips to Using Flashbacks and Not Lose the Audience

Great advice from Charles 👍😃

Legends of Windemere


Flashbacks are popular.  They’re also misused all the time because people think they can be dropped in whenever they want.  It’s like having a smooth ride and then throwing a cardboard box in the way.  Sure, you might run it over, drag it for a while, and get back on track.  You could also get it stuck in the undercarriage and never recover because damage has been done.  Fine, I stretched for that analogy.  Let’s get to the tips.

  1. Use flashbacks sparingly!  If every third scene is a flashback then you have to rethink the overall story.  This means that you’re spending nearly as much time in the past as you are in the present.  Flashbacks are supposed to be informative and to help reveal things without info dumping.  They shouldn’t be repeatedly sucking the air out of the main story.  Think of using only one flashback unless you…

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