Things in Books that Annoy Readers

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Hello SEers, It’s John again. Happy Hump Day. Today I want to talk about things that annoy readers. In doing so, maybe we can all avoid putting things in our books that trouble those who choose to read them. I’m sure you all are readers in addition to being a writer, so I think this post may hit home to you as well. The inspiration for this post was a series of tweets recently where folks could add their gripe about what they find annoying in books they have read. I thought you might be interested in a few of these. So, the question is. “What annoys you when authors do it?”

Here we go.

  • When authors plant some kind of clue and never follow up.
  • When a character disappears.
  • When chapter breaks come at the wrong time and disrupt the flow.
  • When a…

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