5 Literary Agents Seeking Romance, Sci-fi, Literary Fiction, YA, Narrative Nonfiction, Memoir and more – by Erica Verrillo…

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Here are five literary agents actively seeking clients. All work with established agencies with good track records.

Alyssa Maltese is seeking YA: Contemporary fiction with speculative, romantic, or light fantasy elements. Adult: High-concept commercial thriller & domestic suspense, Speculative fiction with female-centric concepts & sci-fi elements, Commercial suburban horror with a sense of humor; Prescriptive & research-driven narrative nonfiction from authors with an established expertise & audience.

Cindy Uh is interested in fiction and nonfiction. For non-fiction submissions, Uh is interested in narrative non-fiction, memoir, essay collections, and illustrated titles in categories ranging from inspirational, pop-science and psychology, and cultural criticism to self-help, wellness/spirituality, social justice, and women’s issues. In fiction, Uh is looking for upmarket women’s fiction  For YA submissions, Uh is interested in contemporary stories that center BIPOC characters, and humor and quirk are always a plus.

Broo Doherty handles all genres, excluding children’s books, screenplays and sci-fi, but particularly enjoys crime, women’s commercial fiction, literary fiction and quirky non-fiction.

Rebeka Finch is looking for character driven contemporary romances. Rebeka is also looking for contemporary new adult romance that bridges the gap between YA and adult fiction, for the 20 something lover of modern romantic novels.

Brady McReynolds represents science fiction, weird fiction.

Always check the agency website and agent bio before submitting. Agents can switch agencies or close their lists, and submission requirements can change.

NOTEDon’t submit to two agents at the same agency simultaneously. If one rejects you, you may then submit to another.

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