6 Ways To Make The Most Of Bad Feedback

K.M. Allan

While writers handing their manuscripts to beta readers are looking for honest notes and help on their work-in-progress, sometimes that feedback is much harsher than they were prepared for.

Maybe the beta reader is a tough critic or that (shock horror) the MS isn’t at the level you thought it was.

This revelation can sting, particularly if you thought what you sent off was the absolute best you could do.

Convinced the MS was more final stage than WIP, in your (humble) opinion, it was completed. You’d done the hard work and critiquing and you know for a fact there were no typos and you just needed another set of eyes to sign off on the okay (and your genius) so the MS could be sent off for querying, submission to that comp, or to self-publish.

But that’s not the feedback you got.

It wasn’t as polished as…

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One thought on “6 Ways To Make The Most Of Bad Feedback

  1. This was a helpful post – thanks for sharing the Sis tips – I liked the suggestion to categorize feedback and then this part about personal response:

    “Feel it all, the devastation, the frustration, and then put it aside.”

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