What Writers Need to Master Their Craft – by C.S. Lakin…

on Live Write Thrive:

Many people want to write a great book, but they don’t want to get into the weeds with grammar, punctuation, and syntax. Yet, those are the tools of a writer’s trade. Can you imagine a home builder showing up on the job site without his truck full of tools? Or not having the experience with any of those tools and attempting, say, to use a chop saw or hammer drill? That’s a disaster in the making!

Some writers feel the mechanical aspects of writing will interfere with their creativity. That stopping the flow of creativity to fix the noun/verb agreement or look up a rule regarding mass and count nouns will hinder the writing. And I get that, because it does cause distractions when that editor on our shoulder keeps interrupting with corrections or grammatical questions.

However … how can someone honestly become a master of the writing craft if they don’t actually master writing mechanics? That’s not to say you need to memorize the Chicago Manual of Style from cover to cover. But getting proficient in the language you write in is only logical. And it makes the writing so much easier!

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3 thoughts on “What Writers Need to Master Their Craft – by C.S. Lakin…

  1. I recently read Dreyer’s English – An Utterly Correct Guide to Clarity and Style. Besides giving good information on correct punctuation, grammar rules and tricky words it is hilarious. Much more fun to read than the Chicago book of style or Strunk and White. I highly recommend it. You laugh as you learn.

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