Writers: Tips on Writing Humor, Part One – By Linda Wilson…

on Writers on the Move:

In articles about writing funny, some authors say if you can write well, you can also be funny. That sounded reasonable. Others say humor writing is “tricky.” Getting warm. Note: mustn’t mistake for hot flashes. I didn’t even let Frank Gannon discourage me when he said, If you want to write humor “you obviously have something wrong with you, and that is the one single quality that all humorists must have. You have something wrong with you, but you don’t want anyone to notice what it is. Therefore, you try to make them laugh.” What a relief. Finally, someone has the guts to tell me what’s wrong with me–I want to write humor!

Jokes aside, the truth is most say humorous writing is hard work. I say, we writers work hard at everything else. Why not humor, too? Here are three reasons to try:

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3 thoughts on “Writers: Tips on Writing Humor, Part One – By Linda Wilson…

  1. Editors like humor, but are reluctant to publish it. When they do, it is most often in the form of romantic comedies or other women-oriented subjects, or children’s books. Humorous fiction outside these sub-categories often consists of re-published works by non-US authors. This is unfortunate, because all demographics could benefit from more humor these days!

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