Looking for a Beta Reader? Flip That Question Around – by Kris Spisak…

on Jane Friedman site:

Where can you find a “beta reader” for your manuscript?

It’s a question that writers often ask when they’re looking for early readers who can share advice on what’s working and what’s not yet there. Professional editors definitely can be transformational partners, but beta readers are often on the front lines of manuscript metamorphosis.

So, where are the beta readers we keep having recommended to us?

Well, to find them, smart writers should flip that question around: Where can you find writers in your genre looking for a beta reader?

Why do I argue for the flip? Two reasons:

  1. Because helping each other is always a good thing (you’re not the only one with this dream!), and
  2. Because the more you practice your editing skills, the stronger you will become as a writer.

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2 thoughts on “Looking for a Beta Reader? Flip That Question Around – by Kris Spisak…

  1. My current beta reader is both a good friend and another scifi writer. Writing in the same general genre is a huge help, but the trust factor is even bigger. As writers, we all have fragile egos so trust in our beta is the only thing that makes accepting criticism possible. Can’t imagine publishing without mine!

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