Create 3D Book Covers In A Few Simple Steps – by Jackie Pearce…

on The Book Designer:

Authors know how hard it is to make a book stand out, but using 3D book covers can give your book a unique look.

A 3D book cover can catch a reader’s eye and inspire them to pick your book on a shelf compared to the other ones around it. As an author, you know how important that moment can be.

Once they pick your book up, you’ll need to hook them with an interesting or intriguing story, but you’ll need a cover that gets them to look at your book in the first place.

Instead of hiring a professional designer, creating your own cover can save you a ton of money. A 3D cover might seem complicated to create, but we’ll show you just how easy it can be.

This article will go over what 3D book covers are, why you should consider using one, how you can create your own, and where to go to create one.

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