Avoiding Stereotypes in Fiction: LGBTQ+ Characters – by Drew Hubbard…

on Writers Helping Writers:

When it comes to LGBTQ+ characters, some people believe that there’s “too many of them.”

According to a report done by GLAAD on scripted broadcast primetime (American) programming in the 2021-2022 season, 11.9% of characters identified as LGBTQ+. Factoring in TV shows (and movies) from across the world, I’d bet money on that % dropping considerably.

Despite the LGBTQ+ community being extremely diverse in many ways (race, ethnicity, age, ability, neurodiversity, gender identity, etc), we still see the same characters and the same stereotypes over and over again. We’d love to change that. So, to give you somewhere to start (and not overwhelm you), here are the 9 WOOOOORST LGBTQ+ stereotypes and how to avoid them.

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