The Writing for Children Ropes – 8 Tips – by Karen Cioffi…

on Writers on the Move:

Since I was a kid, I always enjoyed writing. I wrote poems, short stories, even songs. And although I enjoyed writing, I never thought of publishing my work or making it a career until around 2007. As a novice, I figured it’d be a breeze – easy-peasy. I mean how difficult could it be to write simple children’s stories?

Since I always felt comfortable writing, I thought it be a natural transition. Writing was something I always went to when in awe, when being inspired, or during struggles. And, I was always able to think of things to write about. So, I began the process of actually writing children’s books with the intent of having them published.

My eyes were quickly opened. Another world sat before me, one filled with a lot of hard work, time, road blocks, and rejection letters.

While I minored in English Lit in college, it had been many years ago. Along with this, it’s not really the background specifically needed in writing for children or writing to get published in the market at the time … or now.

To write for children …

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