Difference Between Personification and Anthropomorphism

Legends of Windemere

Google Image Search

Might not be more for me to do beyond showing that image, which shows the key differences.  I’ll just go into a bit more detail.

Abstract vs Real

Personification is used for abstract traits and even giving human traits to concepts with no physical form.  For example, giving something like love a human trait would be personification because you’re not turning it into a physical object.  Once you do that, it becomes closer to anthropomorphism or just a human embodiment of the emotion, which is always a visible and clear change.  With personification, you need to think beyond what you see to make the connection if you were actually there.  A lightning bolt dancing through the sky in personification is merely traveling as usual.  With anthropomorphism, the lightning bolt would be doing a recognizable dance like a cha-cha or the Hammer Dance.  There wouldn’t be a question…

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