Verisimilitude – or Keeping it Real #writingcommunity #amwriting #writinganovel

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Verisimilitude – what a fabulous word!

It means, according to Oxford Dictionaries,theappearanceof beingtrueorreal. It’s incredibibly important when writing fiction.

Writing is always a balancing act. You want to transport your reader, to take them on a journey, possibly have them experience things that they wouldn’t normally experience through your characters. So why the need for realism, for truth? After all, this is fiction right?

Well, yes, it is, and in a way, writing fiction is lying. We writers of fiction spend our days lying. But as anyone who has ever successfully lied to their parents about where they were the night before, or to their teacher about where their homework is, or to their boss about how they were really sick the day before and just couldn’t possibly have made it to work knows, the secret of a good lie is that it rings true.

Fiction is just…

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One thought on “Verisimilitude – or Keeping it Real #writingcommunity #amwriting #writinganovel

  1. Have to laugh: When I was teaching, I, too, loved the word verisimilitude, and my students did too. It’s a wonderful word. Also had to laugh at historical fiction with the wrong facts. Knows many writers who’ve been slammed for incorrect historical facts. That’s why I’m doing so much research now for a novella I’m planning that is in the past.

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