Traditional #publishing v Indie (Independent)


I know this is an old topic, but as the world changes, so too do these type of perennial discussions.

I joined (yet another) Facebook group a while ago – THE WRITER’S FORUM – and was gobsmacked to discover the level of ignorance about the publishing industry amongst new writers. I guess I’ve been at this so long I’d forgotten what it was like to come at it fresh, with no knowledge of how the industry has changed over the last few decades.

Many of the writers in this group talk about trying to decide which route to go: traditional or indie.

As if it’s their choice whether or not their precious manuscript will even be considered by a traditional publisher.

There’s also a massive amount of naivete about what a traditional publisher will offer, even if they do consider publishing a newbie. Or, for that matter, an established, best-selling…

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