The Ins and Outs of Blurb Requests – By Liz Alterman…

on Writers Helping Writers:

After tons of hard work, your book is almost ready to be published. But before the celebration begins, you have one more hurdle to overcome…securing author blurbs.

What are author blurbs? They’re those ringing endorsements that grace the front or back (or both) covers of a book that can often sway readers from a “maybe” to a definitive “yes” when browsing bookstores or libraries. We can all picture those coveted quotes from Stephen King in which he professes he couldn’t put a book down or Ann Patchett extolls a novel as “brilliantly faceted and extremely funny.”

A blurb from a masterful storyteller lends credibility to your work and encourages readers who might otherwise be on the fence to give your book a longer look.

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