The 13 Best Distraction-Free Writing Apps of 2022 – by P.J McNulty…

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Have you ever struggled to stay focused during a writing session?

There are few things more annoying than getting distracted in the middle of a productive writing spree.

One moment, words are coming thick and fast and the only thing that can stop you is the desire for another cup of coffee. Suddenly, a notification goes on your phone or you get distracted while searching for some info online. Before you know it, your creative spell is broken and you’re struggling to get back in the groove.

If you feel that writing in an environment with minimal amounts of distraction will improve your output, read on! We’ve listed 13 tried and tested distraction-free writing apps to help you stay in the zone and make focused progress on your writing goals.

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4 thoughts on “The 13 Best Distraction-Free Writing Apps of 2022 – by P.J McNulty…

  1. Let me just leave a distraction here 😉
    Tom Gauld cartoon of the week, dealing with soothing stories in troubled times. And what can I say – there are some of those already written. Take Friendly Fantasy for example – have you ever heard of 1898 published “Dream Days” by Kenneth Grahame including a chapter entitled “The Reluctant Dragon”, in which an elderly Saint George and a benign dragon stage a mock battle to satisfy the townsfolk and get the dragon introduced into society? My favourite Dragon story ever.
    Same for Soothing Sci-Fi – there is a very slow book, called EDEN by Stanislav Lem, a Polish Sci-Fi author (only for those, who have no interest in Sci-Fi, the other readers know him).
    Genial Ghosts – in a Regency Romance story collection centered around Christmas there is one about an old knight and his Fair Maiden-wife – both ghosts, helping their offspring in the umpteenth generation to get a bride and continue the line.
    And what are the Indiana Jones films but Affable Action Stories?
    So all in all, these stories ARE out there – niche products, for sure, but they are there.

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