You Wrote a Killer Love Story…But Did You Romance the Reader? – by Angela Ackerman…

on Writers Helping Writers:

So many ingredients go into writing a strong romance. As with any other genre, we want to develop characters who are complex, fresh, relatable, and unique. They should have strong motives and desires, but also be a bit broken too, people who have been hurt by life, suffered disappointments, and see struggle. They will have had past relationship interactions that have changed them in positive or negative ways but ultimately have left them with a skewed vision on what future ones will look like. This will be a focus in the story as they meet someone they are attracted to that challenges their ideas of what a relationship can be, and awakens their desire to risk their heart in away they didn’t believe they would be capable of doing.

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2 thoughts on “You Wrote a Killer Love Story…But Did You Romance the Reader? – by Angela Ackerman…

  1. Thats true, but i never before had it realised. The killer also always was a romantic one. Lesson learned! 😉 Sorry, Chris! I am always some steps behind, the last days! I hope you had a beautiful weekend, and a great start in to this new week! May the sun be with you! xx Michael

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